Dana Karni is a wonderful attorney. She helped us through a very trying time as we dealt with an abusive debt collection agency. We would strongly advise anyone who feels like they are being unfairly treated by a debt collector to contact Dana Karni.

– R.J.T. & E.H.T., Clients

It was a great comfort to have Dana Karni on my side. I was being sued for an unpaid debt and didn’t know where to turn. Ms. Karni is very knowledgeable about the law and quickly informed me that my rights were being violated and helped me stand up for myself and protect my home and family.

– R.S., Client

I have seen this Ms. Karni’s pleadings and I am impressed of what she puts into the court record. Most consumer attorneys will not do discovery on their opponents. From what I seen she overwhelms her victims with onslaught of paperwork and force them prove everything and eventually get the case dismissed. Beware Junk Debt Buyers!!!

– Garcii2, YouTube

You are the BEST and we are so blessed to have you representing us past and present.
Client (name withheld)

– Name withheld, Client

Dana Karni is very knowledgeable and carries herself with such pride in her work. She works hard for her clients and she takes their wellbeing into consideration. I never worried or stressed over how my attorney handled my case. I would recommend her to anyone.

– C.A., Client

Dana Karni is one of the best attorney’s in the Houston area! My husband and I had to come to Dana when I was unlawfully abused by a debt collector via phone and mail and it caused mental distress to say the least. Dana jumped in and took care of everything. We highly recommend Dana to defend you against the most abusive debt collectors in the country. Don’t let any debt collector threaten you, contact Dana Karni ASAP!

– Evelyn

Dealing with cancer and huge medical bills, Dana Karni assisted me with credit card harrassment and a lawsuit resulting from me putting my medical bills first. She was professional, precise, and explained the whole process of the lawsuit. We were able to reach a settlement that I could afford and provide me with the peace of mind I needed while fighting for my life. I would recommend her and use her again if that need arised.

– Doug

I was recommended to Karni to control and eliminate some aggressive debt collectors! She took care of everything and took over the communication process…

– Eric

Prior to joining the military, a company had received a $14,000 default judgment against me in TX. I could not pay this amount and the company was not willing to negotiate a lesser buy out price. A year after joining the military, my security clearance was pulled because of this judgment and I was facing separation. I again tried to negotiate, and again the company would take no less than $10,000 – an amount I could not afford.
In hopes of staying in the military, I began contacting lawyers in Houston. After dealing with one who turned out to be less than honest, I found Dana Karni. Within a matter of weeks of us speaking, she had the company willing to accept approximately 15% of the value of the judgment! Even better, she worked an agreement to have it removed from my credit report! I was absolutely astounded. Dana Karni is by far the most honest and open attorney that I have ever dealt with. I strongly suggest to any of you with credit issues – give her a call. Within one phone call you will see exactly what sets her apart from the other lawyers that say they’re going to “help you” with your credit or collections issues. Dana Karni saved me not only $12,000, she saved my credit score and possibly my military career. I encourage any of you in uniform having these same issues to contact her. And to all my fellow soldiers, Hooah!!

– Client, Google User