Consumer Rights Litigation

entry_02Karni Law Firm, P.C. offers a wide range of legal services in the area of consumer rights.  The majority of our cases relate to debt and credit issues.  Specifically, we are currently taking new cases in the defense of consumer debt, which includes defaulted credit card lawsuits, auto loan deficiencies and any other consumer related loan.  Click here for more information on defense of debt lawsuits.

Our office also offers clients powerful information and education to help them deal with bill collectors.  For consumers whose rights have been violated by collection agencies, Karni Law Firm, P.C. offers representation under debt collection laws with the goals of putting an end to the harassment and helping the client recover damages.  Click here for more information on lawsuits against abusive debt collectors.

Consumers with inaccurate and harmful information on their credit bureau reports are welcome to contact our office.  We provide free assistance to consumers in getting through the tradeline dispute process.  To the extent that some disputes may not be properly resolved by the credit bureaus or furnishers of information, Karni Law Firm, P.C. offers representation in lawsuits under credit reporting laws.  Click here for more information on lawsuits related to inaccurate credit reporting.

Karni Law Firm, P.C. offers representation to consumers against deceptive and unfair trade practices.  Consumers have rights against unscrupulous businesses and individuals.  There is no shortage of scams against unsuspecting people.  Contact our office with information about your matter so that we may review your potential case.

Our clients are encouraged to ask questions!

Depending on the type of representation you may require, Karni Law Firm, P.C. handles matters with various fee arrangement options.  We recognize that many of our clients have unique needs that may require payment plans.  Most defensive work is handled on either a flat fee or hourly basis.  Other cases, including most lawsuits under debt collection and credit reporting laws are handled on a contingency.  You are welcome to contact our office for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Before hiring Karni Law Firm, P.C., prospective clients are encouraged to visit our office for a consultation.  Consumers who reside outside of the greater Houston area may meet with our staff by video conference or over the telephone.  All legal consultations are by appointment only.  Before your scheduled consultation, you should gather all documentation that relates to your matter.  This might include:  contracts that created a loan, debt collection letters, credit bureau reports, and telephone call logs.   By coming to your initial consultation prepared with documentation, you will receive as much advice and guidance possible, and our staff will be better suited to get started with your representation.

Consumer Rights. Peace of Mind.

Debt collection lawsuits. Frustrations with credit reporting errors. Abusive bill collectors. Car dealer fraud. Odometer rollbacks. Deceptive sales.

These are just some of the problems we tackle at Karni Law Firm, P.C. We have represented hundreds of consumers through their credit and debt collection matters, often helping them avoid bankruptcy. When consumers come to us with any debt or credit issue, we offer to review all of their credit and debt issues. We routinely offer clients to bring us their TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax credit bureau reports to assist through the dispute process. If debt collectors are making illegal threats, we step in to stop the collection calls and seek damages for our clients. Attorney Dana Karni has helped Texas consumers save their homes from execution sales, reverse and set aside judgments on old credit card debt, and ultimately remove inaccurate information from credit reports. Our office also handles auto fraud matters, including lawsuits against deceptive trade practices, misrepresentations, and odometer rollbacks. With our office located near the Galleria area in Houston, we represent consumers throughout the entire State of Texas. No case is too small. We have handled cases pending before the various Justice of the Peace courts, County Courts, and State District Courts. For over a decade, Dana Karni has been fighting for consumers’ rights, focusing her efforts on FDCPA, FCRA, and DTPA cases. Take the first step and assert your consumer rights.