“I just discovered that the odometer reading on my car is wrong. Wasn’t the dealership supposed to tell me about that the odometer was rolled back?”

“When I bought my car, the dealership had advertised it was in terrific condition and had never been in an accident. They told me that it was certified and passed their inspection. Two days after I drove it off the lot, the engine seized up. My mechanic just told me that there is frame damage, probably from a prior wreck.”

“I traded in my old car for a new one. Two days later, the dealership called me back telling me that I didn’t qualify for financing and that I needed to sign a new contract. Is that legal? I want to just get my tradein back, but they already sold it to someone else. I feel like I’m stuck.”

“My car was repossessed several months ago. The repo guy tore up my front lawn while he was getting the car off of my driveway. I asked the finance company for information about how to get my car back, but they refuse to communicate with me. Now I’m being sued for the deficiency. The finance company says I still owe money, even though they have my car. Do I have any rights at all?

Very often consumers feel like there is uneven bargaining power when they are shopping for a new vehicle. Whether the issues relate to a new car or a used car, the sales, warranty and financing process can be confusing.

Texas consumers have rights against unfair and deceptive trade practices. Often times, consumers ask the rights questions, but they do not get clear answers. If a car dealer makes misrepresentations about the condition of a vehicle, you may have grounds to unwind the deal. There are laws that protect consumers in a new car deal that ended up with a lemon. There are also laws in place to protect car buyers with similar issues for a used car.

As for repossession, often times consumers think that voluntarily letting your car go will save you from having to make any more payments. In reality, consumers end up with negative information on their credit reports, as well as a potential lawsuit to collect the deficiency.

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